Dillon School District 04

Food & Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services
Missy Moody

Missy Moody

Food Services Coordinator

School Cafeteria Information

Lake View Elementary  843.759.3007

1311 Scott S.  Lake View, SC 29563

Lake View High School   843.759.3012

403 E. 3rd Ave.  Lake View, SC 29563

Dillon Elementary School 

1633 Bunker Hill Rd. Dillon, SC 29536

Dillon High School    843.841.2743

1730 Hwy 301 N.  Dillon, SC 29536

Gordon Elementary   843.774.1228

926 Perry Ave.  Dillon, SC 29536

Dillon Middle School   843.774.1215

1803 Joan Drive  Dillon, SC 29536


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Got questions?  Suggestions?  Wish you could find more information?  Here’s the best way to contact us so that we can better meet your needs and help you with the things you care about most in the world of health, nutrition and the foods and services we offer.

Address: 1738 Hwy 301 N.
Dillon, SC 29536

Phone: 843.774.1200

Business Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm M-F

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